-a specially created therapy using a combination of "Art Therapy and Music Therapy through 'Colours'"

Colour Dance Here Art and Music are combined together, to remove the blocks within the individual,so that the natural energies can be allowed to do their healing within us freely.This technique, when further controlled through 'colours'works very positively further to fill or remove the imbalances within the blocks.Thus by using the qualities of each colour along with listening to the music that relates to the energy and mood of the colour and mind takes the individual to a different plane by itself.

Colour and Music can be used separately,ofcourse,but when the two are used together,the vibrational energy increases and brings added healing strength to the individual.

'Colour Dance' when used with medically ill patients,works as an alternative healing,wherein the patient is under medical supervision along with the healing process.and the therapy works at the roots gradually eliminating the stress and side-effects of the disease.

It is universally known that our well-being is not merely a physical issue. At deeper levels we are mind-body-spirit,and none of these areas function alone,each are inter-dependant upon the other.This is where 'Colour Therapy' addresses all levels of our well-being.