Amisha Mehta’s Profile

For Amisha Mehta, her art, whether painting, poetry or music, has been a journey from an inner urge to create, to completely exploring the empty terrain within, that expanse where on can rise, float and emerge in absoluteness. "One becomes so dissolved and possessed that it becomes a state of total surrender to the white medium, whether canvas or paper" mentions the artist whose paintings are based on her poems or vice versa.

In her recent works, the artist in her, tries to portray the sensitive stimulations within, emerging like faint reflections, appearing and disappearing into infinite space. The application of colours are blended in a manner, that they seems to move into each other like a stream.

The technique and thus the canvas seem to possess an uncanny spirituality. As the sight seeks, the imaginative mind travels free, and one becomes aware of the power and a grandeur that controls us.

Amisha trained in Applied Art, pursued her career as a visualiser in art agencies till she felt the urge to shift into fine arts and ever since then there has been no looking back. Shifting from realistics to landscape to the elements of life, she now concentrates on extensions of the five elements i.e. Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Space and Life Energies, Cosmic Forces etc.

Amisha runs an art studio at babulnath in the name and style of ‘Creative Skills’ where she conducts workshops for children. She incorporates a lot of colour, art and music therapies into her works and teachings.

She believes in releasing the potentials from her students, whether old or young, rather than always imposing syllabus on the student.

She feels that the creative energy emerges from the shadow side of one’s personality and thus one is not functioning to the fullest. So, with the help of arts in totality, one can take the worst experience of one’s life and channelise it into something positive, it all depends on one’s perspective. She feels "What matters is not what you experience, but how you see your experience".