A painting is a poem
without words

Amisha Mehta | Artist and Colour Therapist

takes courage

Amisha Mehta | Artist and Colour Therapist

Painting is

Amisha Mehta | Artist and Colour Therapist

Amisha Mehta

Artist and Color Therapist

For Amisha Mehta, her art, whether painting, poetry or music, has been an inner urge to create works of art, wherein she plays with a wide array of colors and techniques developed to do wonders to our 'Divine Prism' - our inner self.

In her recent works, she has tried to work with the healing qualities of the spectrum analyzing the negative and the positive attributes of each colour towards each other and in turn towards humanity. Thus, in her works, the artist in her, tries to portray the sensitive stimulations within.

The colors are blended in a manner, that they seem to move into each other like a stream. The colour,the technique and thus the canvas seem to possess an uncanny spirituality.

Beyond the prism' takes one, on a journey, through which one can experience the therapeutic values of these paintings evolved through the properties of color. Amisha believes "Nothing on this planet is here by chance. Everything in nature is here for a purpose. Thus this mesmerizing rainbow is no exception. All we need to do is to heighten our awareness of colors and it can transform our lives".

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Art is an expression of the soul Amisha’s work is an amazing expanse of human expressions, taking you to the depths of the mind heart and soul. She, through her paintings connects you to to the centre within and helps to gain tremendous energy A hardworking and talented artist and above all an ever smiling , warm individual... a perfect blend of God’s colours!
Drs. Manisha and Shirish Bhagvat
The deep of gesture, strokes and colours within Amisha's paintings speak for themselves. The emotions that are part of making the paintings are also those that the work radiates. In every person there comes a saturation point, from this saturation then arises infinite potential. In Amisha's version of this breaking point she explored and learned the art of multiple healing therapies. Bringing this knowledge to her new work, Amisha is born again.
Rajvi Vora
Amisha' s works touch the inner- most core of one' s subconscious. It evokes gradual meditative state. The colours and forms create happiness, peace and joy. Her works uplift one's energy towards the Divine! Hari Om !!!
Kalpana Gandhi
Art Lover- Mumbai
Amisha Mehta is not of this world. A strong intuitive woman who perceives the world from another dimension. Hence, the art she creates vibrate an energy that brings you closer to that perspective. Her art is not an analogy of ideas but an experience. One has to experience the depth rather than apply mind and worldly thought to it. Theories can stimulate the mind but her art stimulates the soul. The movement in her work resonates with you inexplainable way hence to talk about her work makes the experience minuscule. One can only understand Amisha’s work in total silence and a meditative mind where the self is unaware of itself and lost in that dimension that she brings to us in a physical form.
Saloni Harshwal
Art Director- Dubai
Amisha Mehta is a very expressive artist. I was quite simply blown away by her ability to translate raw emotion and energy onto the canvas, creating whole domains of colour and texture that touch a nerve deep inside your own psyche. Because your eyes need to explore what is between the layers and figure each artwork world. When I see her work I can’t help but smile, because each piece moves a different part of my soul. As an artist I was lucky to get the chance to know Amisha and that opened me up to another perspective of Art!
Fareed Aziz
Project Designer - Starbucks - Hongkong