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Artist and Color Therapist

    For Amisha Mehta, her art, whether painting, poetry or music, has been an inner urge to create works of art, wherein she plays with a wide array of colors and techniques developed to do wonders to our 'Divine Prism' - our inner self.

    In her recent works, she has tried to work with the healing qualities of the spectrum analyzing the negative and the positive attributes of each colour towards each other and in turn towards humanity. Thus, in her works, the artist in her, tries to portray the sensitive stimulations within.

'The colors are blended in a manner, that they seem to move into each other like a stream. The colour,the technique and thus the canvas seem to possess an uncanny spirituality.

Beyond the prism' takes one, on a journey, through which one can experience the therapeutic values of these paintings evolved through the properties of color. Amisha believes "Nothing on this planet is here by chance. Everything in nature is here for a purpose. Thus this mesmerizing rainbow is no exception. All we need to do is to heighten our awareness of colors and it can transform our lives“.

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